Your Simple Guide To The GoWiWi Attack Strategy

golemWant to learn how to use the GoWiWi attack strategy? Stay with us here and learn everything necessary to be successful using this strategy. That includes things like how to deploy, matchmaking and army composition.

So what is GoWiWi? Simply put, it’s a troop composition plan that many of the game’s top players are finding very powerful. When you use it correctly, you can get two stars on absolutely ANY base. Proven players are calling GoWiWi the most consistent attack strategy ever available in the game. It’s made up of Golems, Witches and Wizards. There are also Barbarians and Archers for the purpose of luring and Wallbreakers to make sure your army runs strong through the base. You will need 3 Golems, 4 Witches, 5 to 7 Barbarians, a dozen or more Archers, between 12 and 22 Wallbreakers and 10 to 15 Wizards.

I have 3 Golems, but I only have 10 Wizards. That’s the case because at Town Hall 9, there is reduced army camp space compared to what’s available at Town Hall 10. To deal with this, you have to either have a Golem in your Clan Castle or 5 Wizards. My strategy is usually to take 15 Wizards along with 2 Golems (in addition to the one in the Clan Castle) since my Golems are only level 1 for the moment.

Choosing The Best Base To Attack

When choosing which base you’d like to attack, it’s important to think just the opposite of how you’d think if you were attacking with Hogs. In that case, you’d want the most compact base with defenses that are close together. With GoWiWi, however, you want to work with a base that’s spread out so your Golems and Skeletons have plenty of room. If you’re trying to attack a tighter base layout, rather check out these GoWiPe variations (like HoGoWiPe).

This base has three wall segments around the Town Hall, but there are no sections that intersect. That makes it really easy for my Wallbreakers to get in. Plus, luring is easy since both heroes and the Clan Castle are outside the base.

A Bit About Spells

The Lightning, Jump, Rage and Freeze spells all work with GoWiWi. It’s your choice what will work best. In general, you only want to use Jump when using 8 to 14 Witches. At Town Hall 9, I would recommend using 1 Lightning and 3 Rage. At number 10, I would use I Lightning, 2 Rage and 2 Freeze for the Infernos.

The Lightning spell works for taking down CC troops. The Rage spell does its job for breaking through to the Town Hall.

Something About Deployment

Deployment is the most important part now that you have a grasp on the basics. Step one for a successful raid is to lure the Heroes and Clan Castle troops out. That requires either dropping an Archer or a Barbarian near them.

Then, you’ll want to bring the Heroes to the side from which you’d like to stage your attack. I also like to go in from the bottom, so that’s how I do it most of the time. Once they’re there, put a few Barbarians and Archers in front of them and then put Witches in the corner. Once the Witches are set, drop 3 or 4 Wizards on top to help manage the BK.

After you’re certain that both of the heroes are destroyed, it’s time to bring on the Golems. This is a bit tricky because you have to juggle a lot of things at the same time. And it takes practice to get it right. Start by putting down a single Golem on either the right or left. The base will determine how far apart the Golems need to be.

Drop a single Golem, then 2 or 3 Wallbreakers, then 6 or 7 Wizards. Repeat this on the opposite side so that you can clear away all outside buildings. This makes a clear pathway for the Wizards, Witches and Heroes headed for the center of the base. Then put down one more Golems in the middle of the Witches as soon as defenses appear to start targeting the Witches.

NOTE: You may need to put down the middle Golem before the one on the other side sometimes.

With all three Golems down, use a Rage spell on the middle entrance. As your troops move through, keep a stream of your Wallbreakers moving. Don’t drop them all in a single line, otherwise a Mortar or Wizard Tower could take all of them out at once and mess up your raid.

When you see only a single layer of walls left around the center, send in your last Wallbreakers and move on to Town Hall.

All you need to do now is drop in your Heroes, and then you grab your two easy stars.

Oh no! It looks like we forgot one of the buildings outside, so the Heroes went after it instead of heading to the center. That costs us 3 stars, but we got 2 stars, so the overall success of the raid is pretty good. How about that?

Not quite there yet? Start by learning to set up a th7 war base.

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