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PPI Calculator – Billing & Collections Services

ppi calculatorImproving PPI billing and collections requires accurate information, timely data and considerable operational expertise. PPI offers health systems and physicians a full range of professional billing and collection services designed to optimize revenue using a PPI calculator. Results are measured against our financial summary reports for continuous performance evaluation and improvement.

PPI’s customized reporting provides physicians and practice managers with clear, concise financial measures and statistics. Among the indicators tracked are revenue, accounts receivable, denial rate, collection rate, carrier performance and write-offs. These reports provide the ability to track performance against improvements in order to evaluate the need further initiatives.

PPI will customize services to meet the needs of each customer; however, billing and collection service arrangements generally follow either a “Batch Billing” or Billing + ASP model. In both models, PPI performs billing and collection functions including preparation and submission of bills, pre-collection contacts, forwarding of unpaid balances to collection services as set forth on practice protocols, recording of payments, adjustments to accounts, and reporting.

Top five Five reasons you should let PPI handle your billing and collections:

  1. Improve Cash Flow and Collections: If we are able to increase your office’s collection rate a few percentage points, the improved performance will pay for themselves.
  2. Change the Fixed Costs of Billing to a Variable Cost: This lowers your business risk. If collections decrease because of lower patient volumes or periods of absence due to vacation, your billing expense also decreases.
  3. We are Vested with You: Because we are paid on a percentage of collections, we are vested in maximizing your cash flow and collections. From checking your charges to ensure that they are above your payor negotiated rates eligibles to following up on down -coded claims or communicating with your front office staff to decrease denials, we are partners with your business office staff.
  4. You Do Not Pay Us Until You Collect: Because every denial is a cost to us, you pay us only when you collect on a claim. Moreover, because we are paid based on a percentage of collections (not charges), we cover all of your overhead costs (staff payrolls, postage, forms, etc.) upfront. Therefore, if your practice grows or you are a physician starting a new practice, using our service helps to finance your start up.
  5. Checks and Balances: By outsourcing your billing and collections, you have better checks and balances on the running of your business office. You have an external perspective on best practice office work flow procedures and overall practice performance.

We will optimize collections using a PPI calculator so you can focus on delivering stellar healthcare.