Origins of the Meridian Tooth Chart

There are terms that you might come across from time to time, but not really know what they are all about, or where they come from. One of these is the meridian tooth chart. It is nearly accurate to say that it is a term that is pretty much as old as the hills. Well, you should have heard that right. If you have ever come across it, and perhaps wondered what it is all about, read on and you might learn something useful, and perhaps how important it is for you. These days it is important not only to learn about new words, but also to contextualize the words you learn. If you can put the new word you learn into perspective, it will be a lot easier for you to appreciate it, and understand why it is important for you.

The term meridian tooth chart does go back, way back to the ancient Chinese culture. In fact, like most of the other concepts that originate from ancient Chinese culture, it is still being studied and used today, both for Chinese medicine purposes, and also for the holistic dental practices available all over the world.

The Background

For those who are keen on the Chinese medicine, you might already know about the chi, a universal life force. Each and every person alive on the planet has this life form in them, and the same applies to all the other living creatures. The concept behind this energy is the fact that it travels through the body. As it travels through the body, it moves through pathways that are referred to as meridians. In normal cases, this energy will tend to flow nicely, easily without any kind of restriction whatsoever. This is a situation where your health is properly maintained, and you are well.

If the chi happens to be blocked, this is where you end up falling sick, feeling distressed emotionally and so many other symptoms such as pain. Procedures like acupuncture and acupressure are ancient Chinese techniques that often relieve the blockages in the Chi. Other than that; there will also be things like short circuits or chi floods that are associated with this energy flow.

The chart

The meridian tooth chart that we are talking about in this case, refers to a chart that shows how each and every tooth in the dental cavity is linked to an organ or a system in the body. By the time they start learning about holistic dentistry, there are certain dentists who find this a bit skeptical, but over time, they eventually are convinced about the truth, because they can experience it first hand in their own lives.

What happens is the fact that there is a strong connection between the oral health, the overall health, the meridians and your Chi. These connections actually become clearer and easier to understand each and every other day. Those who have had the chance of studying the chart in particular find it difficult to dismiss this link at all.

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