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Educating Patients about Infection Control

infection control curtainsEducation about infection control is actually one of the most important tools in the fight against the spread of infection. As well as educating the healthcare professionals involved, it is also important to take steps to educate the patients, so that they can play an important part in protecting themselves and others.

Start with the very basics

Teaching patients the very basics of infection control can drastically cut down on the spread of disease. Simple things like washing their hands with soap and water, rather than just washing with cold water can help to save lives. Another trick is to sneeze into your elbow, rather than onto your hands. If people sneeze into their hands, and then subsequently touch things around them, infection can spread easily. Many germs can live on a surface for a significant amount of time, so germs which are transferred from a patient’s hands to the door handle, can then be picked up by another person who touches that door handle.

Make infection control education reassuring, not frightening

If you are teaching patients about essential aspects of infection control, make the process a reassuring one, rather than a terrifying one. Patients are more likely to respond to something if they are comfortable with the notions that are being taught. Remember that patients tend to be in a lonely and vulnerable position, because of their current health condition, and taking a frightening approach to infection control can leave patients in a mentally unstable position. Scaring patients can lead to paranoid actions and over-engagement in the process, which can both lead to health concerns of their own. Taking a frightening or negative approach to the issue can also leave patients afraid to ask questions, meaning that they will not be happy to clarify things that they don’t understand properly. For some patients, it can be helpful to carry out the majority of the educational process when they have a friend, family member or advocate with them.

Reinforcing by doing

Reinforce the need for proper infection control by doing the steps that you have been teaching. This shows that your words were not hollow, and that you are also following the same steps, to help to prevent the spread of infection. For example, you can say “I’m just going to wash my hands”, before you carry out a procedure, so that they patient feels reassured and reminded of the importance of handwashing. You can also gently remind them to do the same thing. The more that they do something, the more likely it is to stick in their minds in future.

Provide education in multiple formats

It is important that everyone fully understand the need for infection control, so be willing and able to provide infection control advice in multiple formats. For example, some people respond well to pamphlets about infection control, because these pamphlets allow them to read and re-read the information, meaning that they can take it all in properly. Pamphlets also offer the opportunity for information in multiple languages.

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The Dentist San Diego Residents Trust Focuses On Both Big And Small

Dental Trust
For San Diego dentist Dr. Daniel Vinograd, focusing on both the big picture and the small one is essential. This commitment to details and to overall health is why many consider him the best holistic dentist San Diego has.


Attention To Detail

For a dentist, details are essential. Fillings must not be too shallow or built up too much. Crowns must fit exactly. Dentures and dental implants must align properly or the patient will experience pain, problems eating and never be completely satisfied.

While a mouth may be generally healthy, a single tooth can need careful attention. Just for a moment, then, all efforts and attention must turn toward restoring that single tooth so that complete health and wholeness is possible. And a biocompatible dentist makes sure everything used for every restoration is okay for usage in the mouth.


The Bigger Picture

But a holistic dentist like Dr. Vinograd is concerned with much more than just teeth and oral health. A good holistic dentist understands that oral health and the overall health of the patient are intertwined. The bacteria that decays teeth can also cause heart disease. An acid mouth means an acidic body, and there are health implications from that. An infection in the mouth can spread, and ill health elsewhere in the body can lead to a decline in oral health.

It simply isn’t possible to treat the mouth without considering the whole body. That’s how Dr. Vinograd has established a reputation as the dentist San Diego residents trust above all others: he treats every patient as a whole person, not just a mouth.

In fact, that’s what holistic dentistry is: a focus on a healthy body and its connection to a healthy mouth. Doesn’t that seem like a smart approach to dentistry?


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What’s The Best Toothpaste Available In Stores?

If you want the best toothpaste for your money and for your family’s health, you’ll have to look beyond the most common brands to smaller, less-well-known brands that are more careful what they put in their products.

You can find Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Carrageean and Sorbitol in some brands. And most brands include Sodium Saccharin, a questionable artificial sweetener that’s the same thing as those pink packets some people once used in their tea or coffee before better alternatives were available.

Worst of all the chemicals found in big-name toothpastes is Sodium Fluoride and the other forms or Fluoride. While this was once considered essential to healthy teeth, there are better choices now that are non-toxic and don’t have the side effects. If you want the best toothpaste available, you want a fluoride-free toothpaste.

So which brands can be trusted? You need to carefully read the label of any product you’re considering, but you can trust some products from Tom’s of Maine, now made by Colgate, Jason and Kiss My Face.

Other brands you may be able to trust are:

  • Dr. Ken’s
  • The Natural Dentist
  • Tea Tree Therapy
  • Vicco
  • Desert Essence
  • Weleda, and
  • Spry.

Reading labels and staying vigilant is as essential when choosing a toothpaste as it is when choosing vegetables, packaged foods and other products for your family. It’s so important to choose the right toothpaste because it goes into your mouth every day, is absorbed through your gums and some of it is inevitably swallowed, especially by children who don’t know any better.

Remember that even trusted makers change their formulas all the time, so a product that’s acceptable one week could be bad for you the next. Remember also that some products from trusted makers are better than others. Not every choice is a fluoride-free toothpaste that deserves to be called the best toothpaste for your precious family.

If you are willing to put in the time, here is a health homemade toothpaste recipe.

Origins of the Meridian Tooth Chart

There are terms that you might come across from time to time, but not really know what they are all about, or where they come from. One of these is the meridian tooth chart. It is nearly accurate to say that it is a term that is pretty much as old as the hills. Well, you should have heard that right. If you have ever come across it, and perhaps wondered what it is all about, read on and you might learn something useful, and perhaps how important it is for you. These days it is important not only to learn about new words, but also to contextualize the words you learn. If you can put the new word you learn into perspective, it will be a lot easier for you to appreciate it, and understand why it is important for you.

The term meridian tooth chart does go back, way back to the ancient Chinese culture. In fact, like most of the other concepts that originate from ancient Chinese culture, it is still being studied and used today, both for Chinese medicine purposes, and also for the holistic dental practices available all over the world.

The Background

For those who are keen on the Chinese medicine, you might already know about the chi, a universal life force. Each and every person alive on the planet has this life form in them, and the same applies to all the other living creatures. The concept behind this energy is the fact that it travels through the body. As it travels through the body, it moves through pathways that are referred to as meridians. In normal cases, this energy will tend to flow nicely, easily without any kind of restriction whatsoever. This is a situation where your health is properly maintained, and you are well.

If the chi happens to be blocked, this is where you end up falling sick, feeling distressed emotionally and so many other symptoms such as pain. Procedures like acupuncture and acupressure are ancient Chinese techniques that often relieve the blockages in the Chi. Other than that; there will also be things like short circuits or chi floods that are associated with this energy flow.

The chart

The meridian tooth chart that we are talking about in this case, refers to a chart that shows how each and every tooth in the dental cavity is linked to an organ or a system in the body. By the time they start learning about holistic dentistry, there are certain dentists who find this a bit skeptical, but over time, they eventually are convinced about the truth, because they can experience it first hand in their own lives.

What happens is the fact that there is a strong connection between the oral health, the overall health, the meridians and your Chi. These connections actually become clearer and easier to understand each and every other day. Those who have had the chance of studying the chart in particular find it difficult to dismiss this link at all.

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